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It’s our little superstar... a stunning and functional Hometown Map Magnet for holding up papers, notes, and photos with ease! Perfect at home, office, or school, providing a daily reminder of a special place.

Laser printed on high-quality paper, designs are protected with a thin glossy layer that brings out the intricate details of each map. With exceptional attention to detail, each piece is assembled to create a long-lasting and visually stunning Map Magnet that will elevate any magnetic surface!


Product Specs:

  • 2-1/4" round
  • Strong ceramic magnet that will hold 8+pieces of paper


Map Designs:

  • Made-to-order for any town in the world! Simply enter the name of any town in the Hometown field below.
  • A map design to fit any style. We're thrilled to provide three unique Map Design options to match any taste!

Town Name

Map Visibility

Classic Map:
Town name is layered over the map image.

Script font. Largest lettering of all map design styles.

Name may cover parts of the map. Smaller towns can generally be placed to avoid being covered.

Perimeter Map:
Town name surrounds the map image.

Block lettering, all caps font. Only style to include province or country.

Largest area for the map image of all map design styles. 

Hex Map:
Town name crosses the bottom portion of the map image. 

Block letter, all caps font. 

Large area for the map image. A southern cross-section of the map may be obstructed by the name on larger maps.

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