Community Involvement

We are inspired… by local charitable initiatives that strengthen our communities and make a positive impact on those in need.

We are motivated… by the hard work, passion and dedication of volunteers giving back to the communities they love.

We are humbled… by the generous supporters of each and every community initiative, project, event and/or fundraiser.

Supporting YOUR community initiative

Red Door Maps is eager to support your community-based charitable initiative that exemplifies COMMUNITY SPIRIT. So, we’ve tried to keep the process as simple as possible.

We've listed our Giving Guidelines so that we’re all on the same page right from the start. We’d really appreciate if you take a few moments to read through them before submitting your request. (You have to scroll past them to get to the form anyways, right?! 😜)

Giving Guidelines

  • We only support community-based projects and initiatives, rather than national fundraising organizations.
  • We will only provide product(s) that can be used for raffles, auctions, door prizes, etc. rather than cash or sponsorships. Items and value of product(s) are based on availability and are at the discretion of Red Door Maps. Products given from Red Door Maps for use in charitable auctions cannot be sold later for profit.
  • We have limited amounts of product to donate each month. If products are unfortunately not available at the time of your request, we may instead support your initiative by sharing the details on our website and/or social media so that others can contribute.
  • If your project is tied to a specific date, there’s a much better possibility for us to provide support if your completed request form is submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • To spread the love, we will only support a specific initiative, project and/or organization once in a twelve-month period.
  • We’ll review your request as soon as we can and respond with an email to let you know our decision either way. Our goal is to respond to every request in 14 days or less!
  • By completing and submitting the request form below, you’re effectively agreeing to these Giving Guidelines, which includes granting Red Door Maps permission to spread the word about your great initiative!
  • Lastly, thank you for considering Red Door Maps to support your community initiative and THANK YOU for your hard work, passion, generosity and dedication to strengthening your community!

Request Form