Holdfast Hometown Map Magnet

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It’s our little superstar... a stunning and functional Hometown Map Magnet for holding up papers, notes, and photos with ease! Perfect at home, office, or school, providing a daily reminder of a special place.

Laser printed on high-quality paper, designs are protected with a thin glossy layer that brings out the intricate details of each map. With exceptional attention to detail, each piece is assembled to create a long-lasting and visually stunning Map Magnet that will elevate any magnetic surface!


Product Specs:

  • 2-1/4" round
  • Strong ceramic magnet that will hold 8+pieces of paper


Map Designs:

  • Classic Map: Holdfast name is a script font and layered over the map image.
  • Perimeter Map: Holdfast, Saskatchewan is in block lettering surrounding the map image
  • Classic Map with Folk Reunion: Holdfast name is a script font and layered over the map image. "Folk Reunion 2024" wording is included along the bottom of the map image.

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